Learning has become my career after a long engagement with University in persuit of my Bachelors degree, I have discovered that I do not wish the learning to end. The pleasure of becoming totally immersed in any subject is what drives me to create. Specifically the history and human experience of the topic is what interests me the most. The byproducts of my learning are works of art, or rather records of my minds comprehention and absorption of a topic.

Repetition and reflection are a key focus in the art that I create, not only to produce visual interest but also as a creating process. This process is most evident in my recent work and exploration of fibers through knitting and crochet. I have also translated the forms and patterns created by the fibers into ceramic works and Collagraph prints. The long meditative activity is a  by-product of a subject I am studying and the finished work is my completed mental processing and digestion of the subject. A recurring juxtaposition between geometric structure and natural forms spans a number of works and is the result of my own personal strive for perfection while preferring the relaxed asymmetry of nature.